Pre and Probiotics


Pre and probiotic supplements have risen in popularity over the last few years. They are sold to us as a means of supporting and maintain that “good gut” bacteria to help promote digestion. But what is the difference between the two? What benefits do they provide? And who should be [...]

Pre and Probiotics2021-07-20T18:48:26-05:00

Biotin: Is It the Beauty Holy Grail We Think It Is?


If you identify as female, you may have noticed that most of the supplements marketed to you contain biotin. It has been claimed that biotin is a beauty holy grail that can enhance your skin, nails, and hair. But are these just bold claims? What is biotin anyway and is it [...]

Biotin: Is It the Beauty Holy Grail We Think It Is?2021-07-19T13:33:33-05:00

Eating to Cure Candidiasis


In the last blog, we took a dive into the candidiasis infection. We discussed the ways you can become infected, as well as the different variations of the infection. This week, we want to discuss the best way to treat the fungus overgrowth. We (and many other wellness professionals) believe the [...]

Eating to Cure Candidiasis2021-07-19T13:40:41-05:00

Fall Season Essential Oils


As they say, fall is officially in the air. And with that crisp fall air come our favorite seasonal smells and fragrances. What does fall smell like for you? Crisp morning air? Bonfires? High school football games? Pumpkin and apple pie? And while you could try to re-create these fantastic fall [...]

Fall Season Essential Oils2021-07-19T19:21:19-05:00

Resetting Health: Skincare


Skincare seems to be a popular topic these days. You may see ads for regimens on social media. Popular YouTube videos cover morning and nighttime skincare routines. You may even see Korean inspired skincare trinkets and masks in the aisles of Target. And this is all for good reason. Our skin [...]

Resetting Health: Skincare2021-07-19T19:29:51-05:00

Holistic Back Pain Treatments to Try Before Surgery


Back pain can be miserable. Whether it’s that chronic low pain or spasms and aching neck, any kind of back pain can ruin your day, weekend, or an entire week. Unfortunately, back pain has become quite common. So much so that roughly 8 in 10 people deal with some type of [...]

Holistic Back Pain Treatments to Try Before Surgery2021-07-19T19:41:18-05:00

Stressed Out? Holistic Stress Management


When you have to juggle work, family, friends, social engagements and other commitments, it’s easy to become stressed out. There are a number of ways to reduce tension and relax. However, some are much more effective for some than others. It’s important to find positive methods though. Even though some negative [...]

Stressed Out? Holistic Stress Management2021-07-19T20:49:20-05:00

Eastern vs Western Medicine: The Microbiome


We’re sure you’ve heard of the statistic that humans are comprised of 60% water. But you may not have known that we are also made up of something else – microbes. The average human has 100 trillion microbes, as they outnumber human cells ten to one. They are mainly found in [...]

Eastern vs Western Medicine: The Microbiome2021-07-19T20:58:38-05:00

Resetting Health: Elimination


The term “toxins” is everywhere in the realm of health and wellness. We are told that eliminating these toxins from our bodies is essential to obtain optimum health. Social media platforms have jumped on this profitable trend through influencer pushed cleanses and detoxes. But we have now learned many of them [...]

Resetting Health: Elimination2021-07-19T21:01:17-05:00

DIY Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils


Essential oils are powerful plant extracts that have been used for thousands of years. They have aided many in regard to health, appearance, and mood. From cooking and cleaning to beauty and home remedies, essential oils can help you create a non-toxic environment for your family. Essential oils are a safe [...]

DIY Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils2021-07-19T21:07:43-05:00
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