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We work with you and your physical therapist to optimize your recovery from accidents and injury

Sports Rehabilitation Support

Rehabilitation support is essential when recovering.  We know how frustrating it is for an athlete who has been impacted by an injury.  It alters everything for an athlete, as you suddenly aren’t able to do what you love with your body.  You may have fears of not being able to recover to the level of your performance before the injury.  This is especially true when you are dealing with sports rehabilitation late in life or late in your career as an athlete.

  • Don’t just focus on sports rehabilitaion – recover and get back in the game faster and safer by getting your body in proper alignment and keeping it that way.  Let Chiropractic adjustment work with your PT (Physical Therapy)

  • At Zock Family Chiropractic, when it comes to injuries, our goal is to get our patients back to pain-free living.

  • Dr. Zock treats soft tissue injuries common in sports, overuse, or auto accidents to optimize healing and to reduce the risk of further injury.

Zock Family Chiropractic has the skills and experience necessary to get you back to the best health possible and to provide you with rehabilitation support – emotionally as well as physically.

As an avid cross-fit participant, Dr. Zock knows how easy it is to get slightly injured.  She also knows how important it is to get back into normal exercise routines quickly and safely.  She is able to relate to the concerns and answer the questions of athletes because of her own practices and experience.

Sports and Accident Rehabilitation Support

To do this, Dr. Zock incorporates a variety of soft tissue therapies in combination with spinal and extremity manipulations, for proper body function and recovery. Due to the effectiveness of the treatments many patients regain a fuller range of motion with less pain in just a few visits.

Zock Family Chiropractic utilizes non-invasive and non-surgical applications to restore your health and incorporates sports rehabilitation when needed. We look to motivate, inspire and help patients achieve the best health possible. Dr. Zock will also look at how you are eating and help you with recommendations for nutritional supplements and or essential oils that can help reduce inflammation and promote effective healing as you work through your sports rehabilitation processes.

Auto Accident Rehabilitation

While the techniques that Dr. Zock uses for patients that have been in an auto accident, we know we are treating the whole person.  We will follow many of the same protocols that we use for athletes for accident victims. Many times accident victims do not have the same muscle tone that athletes do.  This means that they need different types of therapy to help them heal. We customize all of our treatment plans to each patient’s needs.

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