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I love working with patients that are suffering from the stresses of everyday life

I know you are stressed – its the new normal

Clearly, we live in a time of stress.  For some, it is working at home with your spouse sharing your workspace. Others are dealing with the increased need of supporting their children.  Teenage girls especially are dealing with the stress of growing up and living in a social media-centered world, not to mention text-neck. As you encounter stress, you tense your muscles. You allow most things to impede the way you hold yourself walking and sitting. Over the course of time, this takes a toll. You begin to get less sleep and lose the ability to focus because your body is now in pain.   Stress can show up as:

  • Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • TMD – Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

  • Migrane Headaches

  • Pain or tingling in your hands

Many times these body reactions come with a general sense of anxiety and or depression.  We start thinking about how much pain we are in, and then we start worrying about what is causing the pain.  Certainly, Migraine headaches and numbers or tingling in our hands can cause us to start to worry about the cause – is it stress or is it worse – have I already done real harm to my heart or my brain?

What can you do to get back to feeling healthy?

Dr. Katie McLuckie can help you reduce or eliminate the symptoms in many cases without long-term commitments.

Chiropractic Treatment for Stress and Anxiety

As a chiropractor, Dr. Katie can help loosen the tension you are feeling. With adjustments to your spine, she can help you regain relief from tension and stress in your body.

Dr. Katie McLuckie has the skills and experience necessary to get you back to the best health possible and to provide you with relief of these systems and provide you support – emotionally as well as physically.

  • Reduction of muscle tension

  • Restore your body to optimal functioning

  • Help lower blood pressure by helping to lower your anxiety level

  • Offering advise about nutrition and ways of relaxing

But getting your spine in alignment is much more important than relieving tension.  Your brain communicates with every part of your body and your spine is the pathway for this communication.  When you become stressed this pathway is compromised and your health suffers.

Dr. Katie and her processes

To do this, Dr. Katie McLuckie incorporates a variety of soft tissue therapies in combination with spinal and extremity manipulations, for proper body function and recovery. Due to the effectiveness of the treatments many patients get relief from symptoms after a few visits.  It is the policy of Zock Family Chiropractic to treat you without expensive treatment plan commitments that you do not need.  You only pay for what you really need to be healthy again.

Zock Family Chiropractic utilizes non-invasive and non-surgical applications to restore your health. We look to motivate, inspire and help patients achieve the best health possible. Dr. Katie will also look at how you are eating and help you with recommendations for nutritional supplements and or essential oils that can help reduce inflammation and promote effective healing.

The components that Dr. Katie utilizes include:

  • Trigger point therapy to reduce muscle tension and facilitate spinal adjustment

  • Spinal adjustment using the most effective technique for you including drop table and the use of activator where indicated

  • Advice and recommendations about nutrition, supplements and essential oils

  • Zock Family Chiropractic offers Massage Therapy as an added tool for recovery when needed

Dr. Katie changed her career path to becoming a chiropractor when she got relief from TMD as a young adult. So, this is why she likes to work with patients with stress-related symptoms.

Dr. Katie McLuckie likes to de-stress by making comfy food like Chicken Cordon Bleu or playing golf at one of her favorite golf courses – The Links at Firestone Farms. And, of course, her dog Finn is happy with hiking anywhere, but Katie likes to try a new trail each time she, her husband, and Finn go hiking.

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