Women vs Men: Who Has More Back Pain?


Women vs Men: Who Has More Back Pain? Back pain is something almost all of us deal with at some point in our lives. From muscle tension to stiffness, back pain can affect our physical and mental health. Qualities such as overall health, age, weight, family history, career, and activity level, all play a [...]

Women vs Men: Who Has More Back Pain?2023-05-16T08:14:17-05:00

Coping with Anxiety and Staying Present


Amidst the uncertainty and chaos surrounding Covid-19, many of us are feeling increased bouts of anxiety and general stress. And while we’ve talked about the physical way stress presents itself in the body, we haven’t discussed the concept of coping with the anxiety itself. Since many of us now have [...]

Coping with Anxiety and Staying Present2021-07-20T18:47:31-05:00

Pre and Probiotics


Pre and probiotic supplements have risen in popularity over the last few years. They are sold to us as a means of supporting and maintain that “good gut” bacteria to help promote digestion. But what is the difference between the two? What benefits do they provide? And who should be [...]

Pre and Probiotics2021-07-20T18:48:26-05:00

Biotin: Is It the Beauty Holy Grail We Think It Is?


If you identify as female, you may have noticed that most of the supplements marketed to you contain biotin. It has been claimed that biotin is a beauty holy grail that can enhance your skin, nails, and hair. But are these just bold claims? What is biotin anyway and is it [...]

Biotin: Is It the Beauty Holy Grail We Think It Is?2021-07-19T13:33:33-05:00

Love Yourself by Loving Your Heart: Heart Healthy Tips


February is a month that can leave a number of people feeling down with Valentine’s day commercialism. But all of us have something that supports us constantly – our own hearts! Our heart is continually working to pump blood and provide oxygen to every organ, muscle, ligament, and cell in our [...]

Love Yourself by Loving Your Heart: Heart Healthy Tips2021-07-19T13:35:37-05:00

Eating to Cure Candidiasis


In the last blog, we took a dive into the candidiasis infection. We discussed the ways you can become infected, as well as the different variations of the infection. This week, we want to discuss the best way to treat the fungus overgrowth. We (and many other wellness professionals) believe the [...]

Eating to Cure Candidiasis2021-07-19T13:40:41-05:00

Candidiasis – What Is It?


It’s no secret that the human body is intertwined with fungi on a regular basis. In a normal situation, these fungi help keep our bodies running efficiently. One type specifically, Candida, is found in the mouth, intestines, and skin. But sometimes, an overgrowth can occur, which can lead to an infection [...]

Candidiasis – What Is It?2021-07-19T13:42:06-05:00
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