Pilates and Yoga at Home


Pilates and yoga at home can provide a healthy and fit lifestyle. There is no doubt that these exercises will help you lose weight, strengthen your core muscles, and improve your posture. Yoga is a wonderful way to relax and to achieve wellness. However, the question many people ask is, [...]

Pilates and Yoga at Home2021-07-16T07:41:06-05:00

Love Yourself by Loving Your Heart: Heart Healthy Tips


February is a month that can leave a number of people feeling down with Valentine’s day commercialism. But all of us have something that supports us constantly – our own hearts! Our heart is continually working to pump blood and provide oxygen to every organ, muscle, ligament, and cell in our [...]

Love Yourself by Loving Your Heart: Heart Healthy Tips2021-07-19T13:35:37-05:00

Does Kinesiology Tape Really Work?


You might have noticed the trend of athletes sporting bright tape on specific areas of their bodies. Kinesiology tape (KT tape) is often used by those either recovering from or wanting to prevent an injury during intense physical exertion. If you’ve been curious about the “magic muscle tape”, today we’re diving [...]

Does Kinesiology Tape Really Work?2021-07-19T19:16:23-05:00

Fuel Yourself: What to Eat Pre & Post-Workout


Figuring out what to eat in general can be a struggle. And figuring out what to eat before and after your workout is no exception. If you have goals to lose weight and gain muscle, diet is just as important as the quality of your training. Today we want to un-complicate [...]

Fuel Yourself: What to Eat Pre & Post-Workout2021-07-19T19:24:30-05:00

The Benefits of Walking: Why You Should Walk More


The seasons are changing. The air is getting cooler and the leaves are turning. One of the best ways to enjoy and embrace fall is by going on walks to enjoy nature at its finest. Why walking? Because walking is a great way to improve and maintain your overall health. It [...]

The Benefits of Walking: Why You Should Walk More2021-07-19T19:26:10-05:00

Hiking Back Pain 101


We know how great a good, long hike on a beautiful day can be. We also know how much back pain an incredible trail can leave you in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual walker or an advanced hiker. Here are a few tips to help alleviate current hiking back [...]

Hiking Back Pain 1012021-07-19T19:32:18-05:00
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