Christmas is basically here. And while it’s been approaching, many of us have been busy elves in preparation. And while spirits are often high, often too is stress. But it’s not just the mental, “my in-laws are coming, and my house is a mess” kind of stress. All this holiday hustle and bustle also puts a lot of stress on our bodies. This is one of the many reasons why we should all try to stay on our healthy routines over the holiday. If you’re feeling misaligned, maybe it’s time to schedule a visit with your chiropractor so you have a well-adjusted holiday!

Light a Fire in Your Hearth, Not Your Joints 

When picturing your home full of loved ones, many of us envision a big, warm fireplace. Prepping that big, warm fireplace for holiday guests involves stocking up on wood and cleaning your chimney. Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace or a stove fueled by pellets, cleaning out last year’s gunk is important! Not only will it improve the air you breathe but will also reduce allergens caused by ashes and burnt wooden fibers. Make sure nothing has been burning for at least 24 hours to make sure it is cool to clean.

And while you may be tempted, please don’t use your vacuum. The typical household vacuum isn’t created to handle the ash particles. And the last thing you want is a clogged vacuum engine during the holidays.

But even more importantly, tending fires can also lead to unexpected back pain and inflammation. Excessive bending from leaning over your yule log can cause damage to your spine. Or at the very least, cause tension which will restrict your joints. Even a person who is limber can tweak their back while tending to the fire.

Attic Adventures

If you’re like most, you keep your extravagant holiday decorations up in the attic during the holiday off-season. Risk factors such as heavy boxes full of train sets, nativity scenes, nutcrackers, and angels are all around. Your kids remind you that it’s not Christmas without the life-sized Santa sleigh that sits in your front yard. Between decorating your tree, hanging lights, and stockings, and re-setting the dining room table, you’re sure to be taxed.

If you need to climb ladders in any part of your decorating process, we urge you to please keep in mind the following:

  • Always keep three points of contact with the ladder
  • Face the ladder and grip the rungs
  • Be sure the ladder extends all the way to the top
  • Don’t climb while carrying tools
  • Don’t overreach
  • Only allow one person on the ladder at a time

Don’t Be a Christmas Hero

We love a good light display as much as the next guy. But your health shouldn’t be risked in the process. If you live in a multi-story home, please consider leaving the light installation to a professional. A fall from the roof of your home could lead to a number of injuries and in some cases can even be fatal. Falling more than 30 feet can cause injuries to your spleen, liver, lungs, or even fracture your ribs. Head injuries can happen at any height. Don’t think you need to be a Christmas hero and out-do your neighbors. The tragedy that could ensue isn’t worth the risk.

However, if you live in a one-story house, please take the safety precautions you need. Remember that your body may not be used to the reaching and twisting required to hook the Christmas lights to your home. Shoulders are the most commonly injured joint. This is because our shoulders move nearly every time we do. The healthier the shoulder joint, the easier it is to maintain its broad range of motion. Make sure to stretch before any light hanging. And if you are getting sore, take a break before you overwork the joint!

Call on Zock for a Well-Adjusted Holiday

While an ongoing routine of chiropractic care is the best defense to common joint pain, a single chiropractic adjustment could help your body find pain relief and thrive this winter. You should consider chiropractic treatment if you suffer from any of the following: neck pain, chronic low back pain, psoriatic arthritis, and chronic inflammation. Adjustments don’t just keep you healthy physically. Although easier movements and minimized pain is a plus, continual chiropractic care could also help you cope better with stress and strengthen your immune system! Chiropractic care is a great addition to your wellness routine. Contact our office in Cranberry to schedule an introductory session and provide you with a truly happy holiday!

* This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please contact a medical professional for advice.

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