It’s everyone’s favorite time of year. Spring has been teasing us with bursts of warm weather. With melting temperatures comes the promise of brighter days. Our motivation to come out of our winter hibernation states is growing. Many of us participate in this time of rebirth, especially when it comes to cleaning our homes. If you are looking to give your house a deep clean without sketchy ingredients and chemicals, keep reading to learn about the benefits of cleaning with essential oils!

Lemon Essential Oil

You’ve probably already been using products that contain lemon essential oil. That is because lemon oil is often added to commercial cleaners for that fresh and clean smell. But did you know that lemon oil has cleaning agents of its own? Studies show that lemon essential oil works as a natural antimicrobial agent. It can be used to cleanse your home of harmful bacteria, fungi, and other harmful pathogens. Lemon essential oil can help brighten and sometimes even remove set in laundry stains. And try adding a few drops to your steam mop the next time you clean your wood or laminate flooring for some extra shine.

Lime Essential Oil

Because of lemon’s popularity, not many think about this green cousin when it comes to cleaning. However, limes have just as many benefits as lemons. Lime essential oil is often used in aromatherapy blends due to its stimulating and refreshing scent. But did you know it is also an astringent, antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, and a disinfectant? Next time your surfaces need cleaning, try lime essential oil instead.

Mix roughly 15-20 drops of lime essential oil to a half cup of water and a half cup of vinegar. This blend works as a multi-purpose cleaner that’s great at cutting through grease!

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil shares some antimicrobial effects as its citrus relatives. Like the other citrus essential oils we have discussed, grapefruit essential oil can kill bacteria and odors on wooden surfaces, countertops, floors, and even household appliances. However, it shines best when used to fight mold growth, parasites, preserve food, and disinfect water. Not to mention, this wonderful essential oil has been shown to reduce stress. Meaning you feel more at peace while your home is reaping disinfectant benefits.

Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild orange is a popular essential oil based on its scent alone. This strong, but sweet aroma makes it great for air purification. And like the other oils, we have talked about today, wild orange essential oil can be used to wipe down and remove stains, grease, and grime. Wild orange essential oil is full of antibacterial and disinfectant properties. And it is both a powerful cleanser and purifying agent. You can even combine it with olive oil and vinegar to create a chemical-free, DIY furniture polish.


doTERRA On Guard is an essential oil blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. It is one of doTERRA’s best-selling blends, as it protects against environmental and seasonal threats. While most people choose to use it internally for immune-boosting benefits, On Guard can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaner. When diffused, doTERRA On Guard helps purify the air and can be very energizing and uplifting. Simply add to water for an effective all-purpose surface cleaner.

Zock Family Chiropractic Spring Cleaning Event

April 25, 2019 • 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Are you curious about introducing more essential oils to your life? Do you have questions or concerns about essential oils that you would like cleared up? Are you ready to live a more chemical-free life?

Join Zock Family Chiropractic and special guest Jenna Livingston of DoTerra Essential Oils for an informative and interactive evening to learn about the overwhelming benefits of essential oils! Jenna will be providing insight into the myths about essential oils and answer any of your questions or concerns about this trending wellness topic! The event will conclude with participants creating their own natural cleaning solution using DoTerra Essential oils!

This event is free! To make sure we have enough supplies, please make an appointment to reserve your spot today!

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