Here we are, closer and closer to a new year. As back pain is the most common pain our patients come to us with, we wanted to take a minute and talk about all the ways you can prepare your spine for the New Year!

While You Were Sleeping…

We’ve talked about the importance of sleep before. It’s during this time that your body is most active in taking steps to restore, repair, and reset. Make sure you’re doing all you can to help ensure your spine is benefiting from this daily process. A few weeks ago, we discussed the best sleeping positions to protect your back. Sleeping on your back is considered the best to relieve back pain, but click here if you’re a side or stomach sleeper to learn more!

The next things to think about are the mattress and pillows you sleep on. Make sure to choose the right firmness and thickness to enforce the sleep support you need! Check out this guide from Spine-Health to learn more!

Engage Your Entire Core

One of the best ways to support your spine is to do so from the inside. The stronger your lower back and abdomen, the less tension and pressure you will feel. Without any added crunches, you can simply begin to engage your core during everyday activities such as sitting, standing, and walking around. Think about pressing your belly button back towards your spine.

For those wanting to go the extra mile, a quick 15-20-minute core routine is all you need. Just make sure you’re training the entirety of your core – including your obliques and back!

Wear the Right Shoes

The shoes you choose to wear have a huge impact on your body. The way your foot moves in your shoe as you walk, run, stand, skip impacts how the rest of your body. Many people often forget their feet are a part of their back pain equation. But those feet (especially in ill-fitting shoes) can lead to a lot of discomfort.

When looking for your next pair of shoes keep in mind the following factors:

  • Cushion
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Fit

Learn more about finding the right shoe here!

Limit Sitting, Embrace Standing and Moving

We know you’ve heard it before (and a lot of it came from our own content!) but the more you sit, the more pressure you put at the tail end of your spine. The longer a person sits (especially if they’re hunched over) the more pain and discomfort they’re going to feel.

Stand and move around as much as you possibly can – especially during the workday. If you’re limited say because of cubicle space or the specific nature of your job, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping active outside the office. Yoga classes, leisurely walks, and simple stretching are just some of the low-key ways you can move your spine each and every day.

Nutrition and Hydration

The final keys to spine health are what you put into your body to fuel it each day. Some foods naturally cause inflammation and irritation within the body. Make sure you’re eating a balanced range of foods including nutritious fruits and vegetables. This ensures you’re getting all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs.

And don’t forget about staying hydrated! Remember, our bodies are nothing without water (we are mainly made up of it after all). And in regard to the spine, staying hydrated is necessary as our spine is comprised of fluid-filled discs. When pressure and tension are placed on the spine, that water is squeezed out. The more you stay hydrated, the more quickly those discs can replace that water and keep your discomfort at bay!

Prepare Your Spine with Zock Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic care and wellness adjustments will help you prepare your spine with the protection it needs. It also improves the blood flow in the nervous system, and it corrects any misalignments in the spine. These misalignments compress the nerves and cause a lack of communication between the spine and the brain. This can lead to a stress response which puts the body out of balance. Luckily, this can be easily treated with chiropractic care.

Make an appointment today to schedule an introductory chiropractic session. We can discuss your pains and needs as part of my initial chiropractic workup for you as a new patient to our practice!

* This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please contact a medical professional for advice.

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