Newborn chiropractic care. When you think of someone going to the chiropractor, the first people that come to mind are athletes, the injured, and the aging. Newborn babies most likely come to mind last or perhaps don’t come to mind at all. As adults, we associate the chiropractor with a lot of pressure, cracking, and popping. You may be thinking, “What can be adjusted in an infant? Isn’t that dangerous?” But just like all kinds of medicines in life, chiropractic care for an infant is infinitely different than chiropractic care for adults.

Newborn chiropractor care specialists like me use much gentler adjustment methods, many of which go unnoticed by the baby. The pressure used on a small child is similar to the pressure you’d place while checking a tomato for ripeness – which is barely any at all.  The birthing process puts a lot of stress and pressure on a newborn, meaning that their first year of life may be the best time to be aligned as they continue to grow and prosper.  As a young mother and doula myself, I am acutely aware of this and my experience informs my approach as a wellness provider to young children.

Birthing Trauma in General

Being born is rough. As I just stated, there are numerous forces and pressures being exerted onto a baby during the birthing process. Even in the most natural of births, there is a chance for strain and trauma that often goes undetected. Viola Frymann was an American osteopathic doctor who studied more than 1,500 babies periodically across an eight-year period. Her findings have demonstrated that “90 percent of newborns suffered the effects of birth trauma and the associated strain on the neck and cranial areas following birth.”

Because chiropractic care is focused on removing nerve dysfunction, it’s a wonderful tool to implement so your new baby can grow, develop, and thrive. Let’s look into three reasons why you should take advantage of chiropractic care with your newborn, as other traumas can include:

  • Spinal injury
  • Misalignments
  • Microtrauma, which may lead to colic
  • Breathing problems
  • Sleep difficulties

Reason 1: Spinal Elongation

newborn chiropractic careThe first year of life is arguably the most important due to all of the development that takes place during this time. A baby’s spine lengthens by 50% in the first year alone. Having a supported, straight spine is crucial during such a rapid period of growth. The pressure is the leading cause of spinal misalignment, meaning that if pressure is not balanced correctly, your child’s spine could face numerous issues as he or she continues to develop.

It is also during this time that the spine begins its curvature development. There are two main curves in the spine. One is the lordosis curves which are present in the neck and lower back. And the second is the kyphosis curves located in the mid-back and sacrum. These curves set the foundation for proper movement, balance, posture, and shock absorption within the body – which is why creating a solid spinal foundation early on in life is of the utmost importance.



Reason 2: Optimizing the Nervous System & Ear Infections

 The nervous system is kind of important. It consists of the brain and spinal cord and has a hand in every single thing your body does. From involuntary and voluntary movements to your senses and knack for creativity, the nervous system does it all. The nervous system is especially crucial for infants as it controls their growth and development – are you sensing a theme?. Infancy is also when the brain develops the most rapidly, along with the sensors that position the body. Specialty chiropractors who take care of infants look for disturbances in their nervous system in order to ensure healthy growth patterns for the future.

Ear infections are one of the most common issues in infants and young children. This is due to narrow and horizontal tubing and canals. Massage therapy is a natural source to aid in the release of discomfort and pressure from ear infections. It can often be done in 10-15 minutes.

Reason 3:  Better Immunity

 We’ve already discussed massage therapy’s positive impact on the immune system in adults. No surprise the same can be said for newborns and children as well. Dr. Candice Pert, “The Mother of Psychoneuroimmunology” credited the correlation between chiropractic care and immunity via the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. Through regular chiropractic care, children can avoid many common childhood sicknesses and diseases. It can also help relieve the following in infants:

  • Ear infections and earaches (see above)
  • Colic and acid reflux
  • Fussiness
  • Feeding and breastfeeding/latching issues

More and more parents are having their children regularly checked and adjusted by chiropractors as part of a healthy lifestyle. This helps to create a solid foundation for continued growth and development.  For a completely free assessment, of your infant or young child please contact us. I will treat your child with the same care that I treat my own. I hope to see you soon.


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