The blood sugar solution. Blood sugar, or blood glucose, is the main kind of sugar found in the blood. Our bodies get glucose from the foods we eat. This sugar is an important energy source. And also provides nutrients to our organs, muscles, and nervous system. The absorption, storage, and production of glucose is regulated through the small intestine, liver, and pancreas. Having a healthy blood sugar level is crucial for our health. And likewise, having too much of it, or too little, can result in a number of issues.

Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, stems from having too little blood sugar in our system. The most common are feelings of tiredness, stress, and nausea. But, this is a condition that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Without enough glucose, your body cannot perform its normal functions. Often times suffers don’t realize their blood sugar levels are dropping. This phenomenon is noted as hypoglycemic unawareness. Above all, without immediate treatment, sufferers may experience fainting spells, a seizure, or even fall into a coma. 

High Blood Sugar

In contrast, high blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, as you can probably guess, is the opposite. Some report the need for frequent urination and extreme hunger. While others find they have symptoms as strange as blurred vision. Having too much blood sugar for long periods of time can cause serious health problems. When left untreated, it can damage the vessels that supply blood to vital organs. This increases the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, strokes, and nerve problems.


The most common condition relating to blood sugar is diabetes. First of all, diabetes happens when the body is lacking insulin. Or results from the body not working effectively. The disorder is linked to a number of causes including obesity, diet, and family history. Cells may become intolerant to insulin over time. And as a result, the pancreas producing and releasing more insulin to lower blood sugar. As this process continues, the body eventually fails at producing enough insulin to keep up with the sugar entering the body.

Unfortunately, it can take decades to diagnose high blood sugar levels. This is possible because the pancreas is so good at its job, that blood glucose readings come back normal. Even though insulin tolerance may be increasing behind the scenes. Health professionals can check blood sugar levels with an A1C test. This is a blood test for type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. The test measures your average blood glucose, or blood sugar, level over the course of three months.

The Blood Sugar Solution 

There are a number of ways healthy individuals can keep their blood sugar at appropriate levels. The most noteworthy ones include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Improving diet with increasing consumption whole, plant-based foods
  • Incorporate a moderate amount of physical activity into your week
  • Getting mineral levels checked
  • Getting insulin levels checked

Nutritional Frontiers Blood Sugar Solution

At Zock Family Chiropractic, we often suggest patients supplement with Nutritional Frontiers products. Nutritional Frontiers has come up with a supplement solution to help regulate blood sugar. The solution includes the following:

Can Chiropractic Care Help with Blood Sugar?

Recent studies have found a link between the central nervous system and blood sugar levels. Chiropractic care focuses on care and treatment of the spine. The spine is a vital part of the central nervous system. As a result, when the spine is in proper alignment, the rest of the body is able to work more efficiently. Therefore, this creates better communication between body parts and systems.

Let Zock Family Chiropractic Help!

As chiropractic care becomes more and more popular, why not try this preventive measure out for yourself?  Chiropractic care is focused on allowing our spine and nerves to work to their best ability. This results in not only allowing our organs to function but to their best ability. Furthermore, along with helping with optimal functioning of our organs, realigning of the spine may also help with increasing our immune system effectiveness and our hormone functions. Contact us today to schedule an introductory chiropractic session. We can discuss your pains and needs as part of my initial chiropractic workup for you as a new patient to our practice!

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