Chiropractic Care

Dr. Zock utilizes a variety of techniques including diversified adjustments, drop table, flexion-distraction, activator methods, and myofascial release. She may also apply electrical stimulation, ultrasound, or other treatments as needed to augment your chiropractic care. Dr. Zock is certified in Webster Technique, designed to improve pelvic biomechanics during pregnancy.

When she is not treating patients, Dr. Zock enjoys spending time with her husband Matt, daughter Lilyann and her son Evan. She is an outdoors enthusiast, a runner, and loves hiking at the family camp in the Allegheny National Forest.

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Soft Tissue Work

Soft tissue work prepares the body for adjustments by reducing tension so that joints move better.  We spend this time up front to make sure your adjustments are effective.


When called for, we use an activator to make subtle but powerful adjustments that affect change without the cracking that some patients fear when considering chiropractic care.


Once your body is ready for treatment, we align your spine so that energy in the form of  electrical impulses flow normally.

Drop Table

The drop table provides traction like adjustments as well as enhances our ability to get you into alignment for your chiropractic care.

Sports Rehabilitation….

At Zock Family Chiropractic, when it comes to injuries, our goal is to get our patients back to pain-free living and doing what they love as quickly and effectively as possible. Dr. Zock treats soft tissue injuries common in sports, overuse, or auto accidents to optimize healing and to reduce the risk of further injury. Zock Family Chiropractic has the skills and experience necessary to get you back to the best health possible when you come to us for chiropractic care.

Zock Family Chiropractic utilizes non-invasive and non-surgical applications to restore your health and incorporates sports rehabilitation when needed.

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